What happened to the OQO?

Some of you are probably asking yourself “what happened to the OQO?” since I haven’t written much about it. Others are probably assuming that the excitement generated by the HTC Advantage knocked the OQO off the front page. Oh, would that were only true.The fact of the matter is the evaluation unit that I received from Dynamism has a problem that is interfering with my ability to conduct a fair evaluation. Imagine an old laptop you might have had with a trackstick, and remember how the cursor would occasionally start drifting on its own. You’re trying to get some work done and the cursor starts heading off for parts unknown. You’d have to tap the stick repeatedly or click the mouse button a few times to make it stop drifting. That’s what the OQO is doing to me with a twist. It does it every minute or two and it takes another minute to make it stop. Then a moment or two later off it goes again.What makes this more than just annoying is that the digitizer is unresponsive while the cursor is drifting. This means the OQO effectively cannot be used with a pen. Inking is impossible because once the cursor starts drifting the pen won’t work and ink vectors all over the place. The defective unit is going back tomorrow and hopefully they can get me another soon. I am really looking forward to using the OQO for a few days to see what it can do. It’s so darn cool.


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