What happened to the OQO?


Some of you are probably asking yourself “what happened to the OQO?” since I haven’t written much about it. Others are probably assuming that the excitement generated by the HTC Advantage knocked the OQO off the front page. Oh, would that were only true.The fact of the matter is the evaluation unit that I received from Dynamism has a problem that is interfering with my ability to conduct a fair evaluation. Imagine an old laptop you might have had with a trackstick, and remember how the cursor would occasionally start drifting on its own. You’re trying to get some work done and the cursor starts heading off for parts unknown. You’d have to tap the stick repeatedly or click the mouse button a few times to make it stop drifting. That’s what the OQO is doing to me with a twist. It does it every minute or two and it takes another minute to make it stop. Then a moment or two later off it goes again.What makes this more than just annoying is that the digitizer is unresponsive while the cursor is drifting. This means the OQO effectively cannot be used with a pen. Inking is impossible because once the cursor starts drifting the pen won’t work and ink vectors all over the place. The defective unit is going back tomorrow and hopefully they can get me another soon. I am really looking forward to using the OQO for a few days to see what it can do. It’s so darn cool.



I base credibility a lot on the maturity of the comments in these blogs & forums, of course appreciating the lite humor & friendly debate that occurs from time to time. James, I believe you’ve just demonstrated who is more credible.

I don’t appreciate the drive by’s that attempt to trash talk someone, that is why I prefer to stay anonymous in my posts so I can keep my real life separate.

Anyway, sorry for keeping this alive, I’ll end by saying my peace. I use products reviews to see how they are able to demonstrate the product, most of the specs are already available by the vendor and various blogs. I’ve noticed each blog or forum has their own bias, sometimes between partners, so the more the merrier.

Keep up the good work!

James Kendrick

Dean or Deano as you’ve commented here before,

The comments that you have begun posting here are an obvious attempt to discredit what we do and I am going to respond to you this one time. Our entire review industry works by the OEM sending evaluation units to the reviewer so they can write an impartial review. We don’t keep the units nor do these companies pay us off. You are obviously trying to make innuendos here in this area, and I’ve noticed you’ve said the same things about jkOTR on the Mobility Today site.

We go through a lot of work when one of these evaluation units comes in because we have to load up the programs we use, put our data on the device, all so we can cover using the device in a real world setting. This is what we do here on jkOnTheRun which is different than some sites that just do a quick overview of a device. It is unfair of you to question what we do and why we do it.

Your insinuation that we get promotional consideration from the OEMs is not only wrong but extremely insulting. If you don’t like the quality of our videos or reviews and you don’t believe we are doing a service with what we do here then don’t visit us. It’s pretty simple.

If we have problems with a review device we are quick to point that out. We also are quick to point out when we really like a device, but by your standards that means we have been bought. Again, this is extremely insulting to Kevin and I and you should not be making statements or insinuations when you don’t know what you are talking about.


Sorry, I thought the post was about the reason for not reviewing the oqo, because James could not be impartial. Nokia and HTC are vendors that supply James, I mentioned them because I am not sure that they would send or give away devices if they knew he was only going to give an impartial review. I hope this is simple enough for you to follow.

It’s a shame that you have started to run this blog in (my opinion) like some amateur attempt of an infomercial or one of those shopping channels.

I really wish you would credit your readers with a little more intelligence, or find a smarter way of promoting goods or services that assist you in keep jk on the run… running.

There are many good examples of good impartial blogs, such as the gottabemobile, urbertablet, mobility today.

Its a shame because Kevin and James are very charismatic and have a natural chemistry. Although I feel you undermine this by over selling products people have either given you or loaned you.

People will go out and buy these products based on your recommendations!!!

I hope you take these comments as they were intended, I wrote them in the reply’s to this post because although it is about oqo the device, it is also about being impartial and giving a true evaluation.

Mitchell Oke

Are you able to disable the cursor in Device Manager? If it’s disabled then its drifting wouldn’t affect the touchscreen.


It works 100%, but does not prevent it from coming right back at you within seconds. Can be as annoying as those little no see um pests that keep coming back to bite you if you know what I mean;)

Kevin C. Tofel

I’m trying but I’m not following the point here. This post discloses an issue with the OQO; what does HTC or Nokia have to do with it?


What do mean fair evaluation, have I missed somthing? when did you start doing this.

Get HTC and NOKIA on the phone, STOP SENDING ANY MORE DEVICES TO JK!! James will only do fair evaluations from now on!!!

Would it help if we give James the devices for keeps?

Sorry James dont Know what just come over me, I think I am mistaking you for some other blogger.

Yes I mistaken for sure..You are indeed an honest and impartial blogger, I can trust your review 100%.

I am soo stuuupiddd! sorry James!


Its certainly the most pocketable umpc to date.

I think overall they have got production quality problems compared to other manufacturers, just through the sheer number of fault varients there seem to be.


JC on down, I totally agree with you. It’s more than just the “few” bad experiences being heard, I noticed some of the bad posts getting replicated in other blogs like front page news, sometimes with the feeling it was done with some personal anti-OQO satisfaction. I’ve noticed just as much issues with other brands including the highly anticipated Q1u ultra.

I considered the Sony UX but the 4.5″ screen was even smaller than the OQO 02 although better resolution & touch. I like the 02’s active digitizer wacom screen though, plus the UX was too friggin big, if I have to carry it in a bag I might as well get a real 7″. The 02 was the only true pocketable Vista capable UMPC, and too me still is the only game in town for its form factor & features.

Anyway, if you counted all the posts & managed to filter the repeats, the number would be very small compared to the number actually shipped.

1st units shipped beginning of April, got mine mid April with minor problems I lived with until an accidental drop caused me to send it in for repair, so now it is working totally fantastic with Vista Business which I upraded myself from its original XP Tablet PC edition.

Key problems I had was the extended battery not latching firmly with the unit and the nifty screen touchscrollers completely not working. OQO repair did an excellent job as did their escalation support, the custmer & technical support staff are starting to step up to the plate as management has finally realized they need to invest more with them as they go thru growing pains.

OQO has a great product, have proven their commitment to improve their product by the obvious improvements of the 02 over the then amazing +01 & original 01. OQO as a company is settling down and taking care of business, now can be orderd from Office Depot & Best Buy, besides all the other highly visable online stores you find the other popular UMPC’s at.


Agreed – also, I find that people rarely (if ever) post follow-up reviews after they’ve had their device for 6-12 months, so we don’t really hear about positive stories with regards to reliability, other than brief sentences here and there.
I purposely look for thenegative comments with regards to devices, so I can get a feeling for what issues to expect with the device, and whether I can live with the possibility of having to deal with said issues. Hope the issue is a software issue that can be patched eventually. Good luck to ya!

James Kendrick

You’re right, usually you hear more of the problems than the good things on user forums because that’s where they hang out. I won’t say that OQO has big problems with quality because no doubt most people have no problems. I am looking forward to getting another unit so I can play with it. :)


On one hand, I wonder how much of the perceived reliability problem is observation bias. After all, most people don’t make blog posts about how their new OQO is running perfectly normally. Or if people do, that’s not particularly memorable. OTOH, it would be terrible luck and coincidence that out of the four mobile device websites I read that have attempted to review the OQO Model 02, two of them received faulty product. (Hugo is on his 3rd one, and you’re on your 2nd. The GottaBeMobile team and Neil Balthaser of Ultramobility seem to have gotten properly working ones right off the bat.)

OQOTalk.com had a poll in June to find out how many people received problem free OQOs and how many had to return or RMA their machines. However, only 29 people answered the poll so the results probably aren’t significant. 22 people (~75%) said that didn’t return or get an RMA for their OQO. It seems to me, though, that one could interpret that two ways. I don’t think either way is particularly valid since the sample size is so small relative to the number of machines OQO must have sold, and because one of the reasons people go to OQOTalk.com is if they’re having problems.

From reading the blogs though, it does feel like practically every Model 02 OQO ships is faulty in some way. I don’t think that’s literally the case. (Or at least I hope it isn’t for their sake.)

Jose R. Ortiz

This has been a very large detractor for me. Hugo Ortega had to go through three or four OQO’s for one reason or another. It just seems like problems just arise with the OQO (still it’s hard to resist). I opted for a VAIO UX and has been able to fit my needs for it perfectly. Have never had a problem with it. Hopefully the new unit you receive doesn’t have anymore issues, I’m secretly hoping that your review convinces me to get one!


(*sorry, forgot to add…)
in other words, Early January announcement & order to actual mid April shipment received equals a very very very painful wait for your first UMPC purchase (and last according to the wife, James your service will not help, I just will be prevented from associating myself with the likes of you & Hugo ever again)


Sorry to hear you’re 02-less. My trackstick seems to go off on me at times also, but eventually it returns to normal. I recall it having something to do with how you talk to it, mine shuts down the moment my language goes into the gutter so positive coaxing works best.

Hope your experience is as good as mine, I’ve been in ultra portable PC heaven now since mid April with my 02. Still trying to wean myself away from the keyboard but that blue glow just beckons when the room is dark, need to check out the write side of inking. Just need to use OneNote more, it rocks.

For those that are waiting for 03, ordered my 02 only a couple days after it’s announcement on January 7, when Bill Gates himself proclaimed the OQO 02 the smallest PC to run Windows Vista, and identified it as a UMPC as it has since is being listed with others on their Windows Vista UMPC web site.


The trackstick drift you’re talking about sounds a lot like trackstick recalibration. Basically, the trackstick periodically realigns what it considers its “neutral” position. You can see this in action by holding the trackstick steady in one position, and if done right, it’ll align that as neutral and once you let go, it’ll drift in the opposite direction. The fix is to just let go of the trackpoint for several seconds and it’ll recalibrate. Mind you, it sounds like yours has gone crazy! It shouldn’t be drifting that much.


This is one of the reasons I am reluctant to get an OQO2 at the moment. Everyone seems to have problems with their first device & have to replace it. Looks like they have “quality” problems at the factory. So I think I will wait for the OQO3!


This is one of the reasons I am reluctant to get an OQO2 at the moment. Everyone seems to have problems with their first device & have to replace it. Looks like they have “quality” problems at the factory. So I think I will wait for the OQO3!

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