TabletPCReview shakes down the Sahara i440D. Verdict: sweet slate


Tabletkiosk_sahara_i44d_tablet_pcIt’s easy to overlook the traditional Tablet PC space with all the buzz surrounding new UMPCs from HTC and Fujitsu. Tiffany Boggs reminds us that the TabletKiosk Sahara i440D slate is a viable contender for your hard earned dollar in her written review and supplementary video overview. I held the i440D back at CES but I have to tell you: the difference between now and then is black white. Really! I played with the white model but this black i440D just looks more appealing to me for some reason.

I love the fact that TabletKiosk includes a matching stand for the slate; the only way it could be better would be integrated but that’s personal preference. The 3.3 pounder is no slouch in the performance department with its 1.83 GHz low-voltage Intel Core Duo. If you’re into CPU benchmarks, you’ll see that the i440D bested some of the other hot new Tablets while remaining comparable or slightly behind some the Core 2 Duo machines on the market. Real word use garnered four hours of battery life, so this might be an excellent compromise between performance and juice. Also relatively unique is the active and passive capabilities: you can ink with the active stylus or use the touchscreen with the flick of a button.


Kevin C. Tofel

As James mentioned, this Tablet isn’t that low of a peformer. The LV CPU is a nice compromise between a full Core Duo and a ULV Core Duo. The base device also comes with 1 GB of RAM, not 512 MB, and is capable of an upgrade to 4GB. You can also pop a 7200 RPM drive in there…


We are having this super bad trend where -Computers started to suck!!! because the programs demand horsepower and Ram and we give them ULV and 512megs of ram – Great.

Who are these machines made for? What is all this excitement about. Sort of like some as if one was yelling – I’ve got a Ford Pinto yeah!!! and it has a super exhaust on my 300cc motor and all four bycycle tires it has are Pirelli Deamons!

Right on! …pedals sold separately.

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