SpeedFiler 2.0 uses algorithm to help you file e-mail


Speedfiler_2There’s two schools of thought for archiving e-mail in Outlook: you’re either a filer or your not. I tend to be a filer; I have folders and sub-folders to help categorize archived e-mail. Merlin Mann begs to differ with my approach: in an excellent presentation to the Google campus called "Inbox Zero", he suggested one folder called "Archive" and use of a desktop search tool. Either way is arguably better than the "use Inbox as all-purpose folder" method. So filers, this one’s for you (and me).

Brad Issac of Acheive It! fame offers up a review of SpeedFiler 2.0. This handy utility helps you navigate through your folders quickly: just click shift-ctrl-v and start typing the first few letters of the destination folder. SpeedFiler quickly finds the folder for you, which is great if you selected several e-mails for the same folder. If that’s not enough of a time saver, how about the auto-suggest feature? Using a contextual algorithm, SpeedFiler offers up a suggested archive folder in your folder structure. If you agree, just click the suggested button and e-mail begone…er, be-archived. There is a free trial and Brad has some coupon codes if you want to purchase a licensed version. Nice review Brad!

(via Business Hacks)

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