Sling opens beta for S60 devices

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Slingplayer_mobile_nokia_n95_2Yes, even Nokia device owners should be able to watch television from anywhere on the planet. Hey, what better way to put that U.S. HSDPA compatible N95 to good use? Yup, Sling Media is beta testing a new Symbian S60 SlingPlayer Mobile client so if you want in, you can beg and plead sign up right here.

The client officially supports the N75, N95 and E65 over WiFi or 3G, but I’ll throw my name in the hat and hope to try it on the N80. If it doesn’t work on that, maybe I’ll share my Slingbox with a reader so they too can experience the joy of American soap opera from their corner of world. Just don’t tell the FCC. Or maybe I’ll find a spare Slingbox to give away in my office cleaning…I already found a nice Belkin cable that’s up for grabs, so who knows what else is in the pile o’ gear?

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Did they reply? I realize they dont want anyone to talk about the client but I’ve seen this on a dozen blogs with no further information.

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