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Skype on iPhone. No, seriously.

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OK, this has to be the coolest news this morning. SHAPE Services, a Stuttgart, Germany-based company, well-known for making mobile IM clients, has just announced Skype for iPhone, an iPhone-optimized Web site that allows you to access Skype via the browser on the iPhone. You can try out this for free for a limited time.

It took me less than two minutes to get up and running. Sending messages was as simple as typing SMS messages. I am guessing that, since they ask you for your mobile number when you log in, there is some kind of call-back service built into the app. After all, the company says you don’t need WiFi.

IM+ for Skype works with BlackBerry RIM, Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Palm OS, Symbian and J2ME devices. The application works in any network and doesn’t require WiFi, the company says. [digg=]

68 Responses to “Skype on iPhone. No, seriously.”

  1. Although I am a hard core Apple fan and have been for a long time, the iPhone will not appeal to me until it gets a native Skype app, more native apps (Webapps are ok, but nothing beats native apps) and until they release the beast from AT&T. Iphone might be cool, but nothing is cool enough to give a penny to that bastard of a company NSA… opps I mean AT&T.

    Apple trying to be the hippy anti-company company sure screwed up on the AT&T lock in.

  2. This application is ridiculous: it uses your SkypeOut credits, even for contacts on your Skype list and also the credits from your cell phone airtime (if you have a pay as you go plan). I am still waiting for a native Skype app for iphone…

  3. Rossella

    So is it possiple to use VOIP on iphone or not? I live in Uk but make frequent call abroad so for me using skype would be a really much awaited solution