New Nokia N95 pics: camera changes and button tweaks


Nokia_n95_usNokia certainly isn’t taking the iPhone-nomenon lying down in the ‘States. That new N95 with a fast 3G radio that works here will have a higher capacity battery than the 2006 model and Symbian-Guru has the first pics to show how Nokia accomodates it. Looks like they had to remove the camera shutter and redesign how the cam sits on the device; it appears a little recessed. You’ll also notice that Nokia slightly modified the very useful, dedicated media keys on the N95. Aside from making the casing a tad thinner to help with the slightly bulkier battery, it looks like everything else says status quo on this high-end multimedia device. Would you have changed anything else?


Philip Ferris

Certainly SIRF III chipset would be useful, if it could be small enough size and battery drain wise.

Hopefuly they haven’t affected the awesome camera with their changes. Kind of envious that I have the one with the smaller battery, but am happy I have enough power options for my 1st gen N95.


Faster GPS chipset? On-board Bluetooth laser keyboard? Quantum gravity distortion optical zoom? Underwater housing coupled with high-speed complimentary wavelength laser surface communications channel? Or hell, go for it all.
How about instantaneous quantum computing links with your home server? Who needs stiiing-kiiiing wireless providers anyway?
Seems like Nokia is getting the sweet-spot dialed in when other pocket-able devices are considered. Saving up lunch money for the release – would even use it stand alone for that matter.

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