Ortega strikes again- Fujitsu U1010 video

Hugo needs to slow down and take a breath.  Too much excitement in such a short time has me concerned for his health.  Just kidding.  :)  Hugo has been playing with the Fujitsu u1010 UMPC for a while and has posted a video overview of the littlest convertible UMPC.  The u1010 is the first convertible UMPC with a full keyboard, although having watched the video it seems to be more of a gimmick to me than a useful feature.  I am happy to see that Fujitsu has used the same digitizer palm-rejection technology that makes the P1610 so useful, although Hugo seems to think this is a negative since you can’t push on the screen with your finger to activate controls.  I’d rather have a good inking experience and tap on the screen with my fingernail than have a terrible inking experience so I can push buttons on the screen.  That’s just me.  The u1010 looks pretty cool, if a bit big and clunky, but Hugo’s video drives home for me the fact that I have never seen acceptable performance out of any device with Intel’s newest mobile platform, the A1xx series.  Given the battery life that devices with these slower processors deliver I view them as a big step back from the old Pentium M series processors.  The M processors deliver far more performance while providing similar battery life so I’m not sure what we gain with the new A1xx series.  Maybe they are a lot cheaper.  Take a look at the u1010 video and see what you think.



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