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Ortega strikes again- Fujitsu U1010 video

Hugo needs to slow down and take a breath.  Too much excitement in such a short time has me concerned for his health.  Just kidding.  :)  Hugo has been playing with the Fujitsu u1010 UMPC for a while and has posted a video overview of the littlest convertible UMPC.  The u1010 is the first convertible UMPC with a full keyboard, although having watched the video it seems to be more of a gimmick to me than a useful feature.  I am happy to see that Fujitsu has used the same digitizer palm-rejection technology that makes the P1610 so useful, although Hugo seems to think this is a negative since you can’t push on the screen with your finger to activate controls.  I’d rather have a good inking experience and tap on the screen with my fingernail than have a terrible inking experience so I can push buttons on the screen.  That’s just me.  The u1010 looks pretty cool, if a bit big and clunky, but Hugo’s video drives home for me the fact that I have never seen acceptable performance out of any device with Intel’s newest mobile platform, the A1xx series.  Given the battery life that devices with these slower processors deliver I view them as a big step back from the old Pentium M series processors.  The M processors deliver far more performance while providing similar battery life so I’m not sure what we gain with the new A1xx series.  Maybe they are a lot cheaper.  Take a look at the u1010 video and see what you think.


2 Responses to “Ortega strikes again- Fujitsu U1010 video”

  1. I am asking myself the same question. I want to compare the q processors PENTIUM M and A1xx where most UMPC devices are now using. I want to know which one is more powerful and why they prefer this to Pentium M. I have a SONY U750P and same with you KEVIN, I can’t upgrade for I am not happy with the SPEED of the new UMPC devices available now. Can you make a detailed comparison between the 2 prcessors??? Also I want to know the difference in terms of speed between UX280P and U1010, which one is more powerful??? thanks chris

  2. I haven’t watched this video yet as I’m doing some office cleaning but your comment about the A1xx performance hits home to me. Perhaps I’m spoiled by the Pentium-M Q1P, but this is the biggest reason I’m slightly disappointed in these new devices. The form factors and features are all exciting, but I lean towards performance over battery life. Even if I didn’t there’s not enough battery life efficiency in the new platform to win me over just yet. I only mention this because I get e-mails weekly from readers asking why I haven’t upgraded from my Q1P. Everyone is different of course and each person uses their device in varied ways to meet their differing needs. I’d personally just carry an extended battery, which is what I do daily.

    Still, I’m looking forward to another great video from Hugo to see the new Fuji!