Belkin Easy Transfer Cable up for grabs


Belkin_easy_transfer_cableI’m cleaning my home office while streaming the PGA Championship from the Slingbox today and there’s a bunch of gadgets, cables, software, phones and more lying everywhere. Well, my lack of cleanliness can be your gain as I’ve found something very useful to give away. I have a Belkin Easy Transfer Cable for Windows Vista that’s unused and still in the bag with its software. It’s $40 if you buy it and it’s perfect for anyone who needs to move files from an XP computer to a Vista computer. I simply have no need for it, so it’s up for grabs! Just leave a comment in this thread; nothing specific in your comment although if you have feedback for the site, we’re always happy to take that. I’ll have the kids pick a random commenter on Thursday, so get your comment in by the end of Wednesday, EDT. I will ship this to any address worldwide, but the recipient is responsible for any taxes or customs duties. Hmm…what else can I find here in the office….



Heya sorry i got late! i jus bought a new hp tx1000 lappy but sadly i don have a cable, any more you have. Well i was busy in launching my new site that’s y i got late!


If that Q1 you’re alway talking about is taking up to much space, you can send that over too.

Philip Ferris

I wish there was a cable like this to move piles of stuff from room to room. My wife keeps on to me about moving my books, magazines, computer bits and pieces, cds, loads of other stuff but it’s such a drag doing it by hand.

Neat cable, kind offer.

cheers, Phil


Love to take it off your hands sir.
I’ll be building a new Vista system for my daughter as part of her ‘back to school’ (high school) setup and the cable would come in very handy to transfer from her old machine.

Michael Follante

Hey Kids,

Play Toontown on Disney! Ok, so I’d like the cable…..!!!!!


the main site I use for UMPC info – great stuff! and of course the cable would be a useful bonus.


I have one of these cables and it works fine for transferring files between two Vista machines as well. Note that it isn’t only for one-time transfers either as the included software is a synchronization tool.

(I keep the one I have at work and could use an extra one for home, so I’ll happily take the prize if this comment gets picked… )


I learn so much from your site. Hey Kids, get dad to let you blog about what movies you download and your favorite gadgets!


Chris Crifasi

JK, thanks for the opportunity and thanks for the great blog. I could really use one of these having just purchased a new laptop with Vista. It would be nice to have to transfer files from my XP computer at work. Again, great blog. I look forward to reading your many daily updates.


Had one of these ages ago, lost it would love to have another ! Great blog BTW


Hey Kevin send over the cable from one Q1P owner to another Q1P owner… LOL

Tunde Odutoye

There was a lady called Mabel
Who looked for a computer cable
She cleared out all her clutter
and was heard to mutter
I’m sure it was up on the table.


My mom asked me about a transfer cable a few weeks back. If I get it, I’ll send it to her along with my old router.


I’d love to have the cable…but what are the odds of the first comment winning?? We’ve much enjoyed your series of entries on the HTC Advantage…an amazing little unit.

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