Belkin Easy Transfer Cable up for grabs

Belkin_easy_transfer_cableI’m cleaning my home office while streaming the PGA Championship from the Slingbox today and there’s a bunch of gadgets, cables, software, phones and more lying everywhere. Well, my lack of cleanliness can be your gain as I’ve found something very useful to give away. I have a Belkin Easy Transfer Cable for Windows Vista that’s unused and still in the bag with its software. It’s $40 if you buy it and it’s perfect for anyone who needs to move files from an XP computer to a Vista computer. I simply have no need for it, so it’s up for grabs! Just leave a comment in this thread; nothing specific in your comment although if you have feedback for the site, we’re always happy to take that. I’ll have the kids pick a random commenter on Thursday, so get your comment in by the end of Wednesday, EDT. I will ship this to any address worldwide, but the recipient is responsible for any taxes or customs duties. Hmm…what else can I find here in the office….


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