Video Downloads… Suck


All those companies sinking hundreds of millions of dollars into video downloading business, wait up, and listen to what people are saying and what they really want. A survey by Parks Associates shows that only 16% of US consumers who downloaded videos say the selection of videos available online is good, and only 13% say video downloads are sold at a reasonable price. In other words, the majority think downloads are too expensive and they suck.

“People don’t see a reason to use video downloading services,” said John Barrett, director of research at Parks Associates. “Sure, it saves a trip to the video store, but it takes longer, looks worse, and you end up watching it on a 17′ screen. No wonder consumers are dissatisfied with the experience.”



Chynna Mai

Interesting study.. Just as Barrett says in the study, I do find that “niche” video download companies, such as mine, are somewhat immune to this particular issue. Though certainly not completely.
My site launched in 2001 and our downloads sold consistently at $9.99 shortly after that. However, since the recent boom in video downloads and the low price they have come at, we have reduced our price 50% to stay competitive.. yet we never experienced a reduction of sales.
Perhaps it’s not that video downloads suck. Perhaps they aren’t as appealing in comparison to alternatives that are generally just as easy to acquire. Perhaps it’s on over-saturation of product (mainstream) offered. (90% of my site’s content is also available on DVD, but it’s very niche.) Or.. perhaps they suck and it will drive mainstream
video download companies into striving for a better product that will appeal to the consumer.

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