The New Data Management, Green Linux & The Flipper

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The great online shift is creating massive amounts of data – whether it is videos on YouTube or social networking profiles on MySpace. And that data is stored in databases, making them the key component of the new web infrastructure. But managing that information isn’t easy, and there are signs that database management will be vastly different in the future. Read more »

* Earth2Tech: Jolly Green Linux
* WebWorkerDaily: Where do you find third party apps for your iPhone.
* NewTeeVee: comScore adjusts metrics, better measures video embeds.
* FoundRead: How one start-up founder used real estate bubble to fund his company.

Elsewhere on the blogs this morning:

* Tao of Mac: First impressions of VM Ware’s Fusion.
* VoIP Watch: SunRocket-related troubles continue.

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David Mackey

The amounts of storage being stored online is amazing. I expect services like S3 to become much more popular as businesses look to abstract from the physical data storage layer and focus on product design and marketing.

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