Sprint and Verizon announce RAZR2 V9m: haptics and video on outside screen


Razr2v9mhrcYou can’t get it from Sprint until August 22nd, but the Motorola RAZR2 V9m just got official on their CDMA network. Looks like it’s the first flip-phone in the U.S. to offer your video watching on the smaller outside screen of the handset. The outer screen is only marginally smaller than the internal screen (2-inches vs. 2.2-inches), but you’ll have double the resolution if you want to watch on the inner screen. That outer screen also uses haptics technology to help you control your tunes, video and calls: you’ll get tactile feedback from the screen as you hit controls. Nice!

Update: Verizon customers with $299 can get in on all the haptics they can stand as the V9m was announced for VZW too.

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