Friday Vid Picks: Zombies!

In Green Apple Books, an independent bookstore in San Francisco with handwritten recommendations and reviews posted throughout the store, a sign on one shelf reads “Zombies are the new pirates.” From Zombie Flanders to the Philippines to Cannes to the Wii to New York Times Bestsellers, zombies are in the zeitgeist like a macabre multimedia meme. Necrophiliac videophiles, rejoice.

Bush vs. Zombies

For more information on the War on Zombies and general zombie-preparedness please check out The Onion’s article “Study Reveals Pittsburgh Unprepared For Full-Scale Zombie Attack.”

CPDRC Inmates “At the Cebu Capitol”

The story of security consultant Byron F. Garcia and his light-footed penal dance troupe just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

West Side Story – Zombie Trailer

This recut (as opposed to a “remix”) predates Chocolate Cake City‘s viral success “Brokeback to the Future.” Coming in a close second is the recut of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” into wholesome family fare.

Resident Evil 5 TrailerCapcom will be releasing the fifth installment of their elegiac lobotomizing how-to video game sometime in 2009. The trailer showcases Resident Evil’s Romeroan style with a strange feel.Resident Evil: Extinction Trailer 2Kevin Roses’ longtime crush, Milla Jovovich, returns to finish her financé’s trilogy of screenplays in “Resident Evil: Extinction.” While earlier cinematic trailers in the “Resident Evil” franchise showed some artistic subtlety, this trailer shows a gauche Mad Milla Beyond Zombiedome.