Force Gmail to use an encrypted session in open hotspots


Encrypted_gmail_sessionHow ironic. Open WiFi and keeping your data safe came up earlier this week when Ben and I were having Chinese in Philadelphia. I mentioned to him that the whole city was going WiFi through Earthlink for $19.95 a month and that led to safe use of public WiFi and Gmail in particular. Today, Hackszine offers up the very simple trick to use Gmail over an encrypted session; a good precaution if you’re using an open hotspot on the road.

We knew the method, but here it is for anyone that isn’t aware: just point your freshly opened browser to and you’re all set. You’ll want to log out of Gmail when you’re done with your mail as an added precaution as well. If you don’t want to remember to use the secure URL, just save it to your Bookmarks and be done with it.


Nicholas Lee

I wonder if we have to worry about Google Reader, iGoogle, etc. If the cookies for these can be stolen can they be used for further attacks against the overall google account?


CustomizeGoogle is overkill if all you want is secure Gmail. You can use the GMailSecure greasemonkey userscript ( to do the same thing. It’s trivial to add Google Calendar, Docs, and Reader to the URL list. Of course, greasemonkey is overkill, too, but you probably already have that installed. ;-)

CustomizeGoogle has other neat tricks as well.

T Man

The CustomzieGoogle Firefox Add-on. Download it, install it, love it.

I use this to make everything on Google secure. And remove ads.

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