Fax over Skype direct from Word, Excel with PamFax



I honestly can’t remember the last time I faxed something but Barb had to send some receipts for an expense report just last week. PamFax might have come in handy as we scrambled around to find someone with a fax machine; Barb’s work laptop is locked down from faxing, most web sites, and pretty much anything else that helps productivity. ;)

PamFax is offered by the folks that created Pamela, an early Skype recording tool. The service uses Skype’s P2P connection to allow a fax to piggyback over a Skype call. Your recipient doesn’t need a Skype account since the fax data is essentially carried by SkypeOut. Rates start out at 0.17 Euros a page and go up from there based on where the recipient is. Payment can be made right from your Skype credits. Not only is PamFax integrated with Skype, but it has hooks into Word and Excel as well; no need to leave those apps to fax a doc or spreadsheet.


(via Skype Journal)



I just signed up for PamFax as I needed to send an urgent fax. Paid through Skype credit (enough for 7+ faxes though I send about 1/year!), payment accepted, account debited… and the Pamfax window just spins & spins “awaiting payment”, half an hour later!

They must’ve sent the payment by stagecoach.


But did you see the fine print?

Requires Skype for Windows 3.0 or better. Currently does not work for sending faxes from U.S.A. and Canada (sending to recipients in U.S.A. and Canada does work).

Guess you’d better continue your search for someone with a fax machine…

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