Coffee break- mini reader meetup


I’m sitting at a local coffee shop where shortly I’ll be visiting with reader Mike Whalen. Mike wants to see the HTC Advantage up close and personal so I’m blogging this from the HTC as we speak, er, write, er, read. Whatever. I’m using the iGo Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard for some full-sized typing goodness and it works very well with the HTC. I am also enjoying HSDPA speeds since I pulled the trigger on ATT service for 3G connectivity. If it works OK I will cancel my T-Mobile service since it’s just poky EDGE.So far it’s working great, internet works, interfacing with my Exchange Server works too but I can’t work with my two POP email accounts. As soon as it starts to connect to one of them it errors out and tells me it can’t connect with my current settings, meaning my ATT settings. Must be a proxy thing but I can’t figure it out.

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