Amp'd Content Team And Former CEO Close To Joining Wi-Max/Wireless ISP Clearwire

Former Amp’d Mobile founder and CEO Peter Adderton and most of the execs on its content (Amp’d Live) team are close to joining Wi-Max broadband wireless ISP Clearwire (Nasdaq:CLWR), has learned. The team moving to Clearwire includes Seth Cummings, former SVP of content at Amp’d and currently exec producer of Lil Bush on Comedy Central (he’s already changed his LinkedIn profile). It becomes more interesting in light of Clearwire’s recent deal with Sprint to deploy a national WiMax network, due for commercial launch in the first half of 2008.

Reached by e-mail today, Adderton denied the plans, but we have it from reliable sources. We have also learned from sources that, earlier this year, Clearwire was one of the parties trying to buy Amp’d. Another company interested in merging with Amp’d was the now-defunct mobile TV broadcast play Modeo, but the plan was scuttled by the board.

What will the content team and Adderton do at Clearwire, which currently does not have a content strategy? This interview I did last month with Adderton offers a hint: “I want to continue with a team to build out what we set out to build. The more wireless pipes that are built, the more there will be a need for organization and aggregation of content.” Meaning creating advanced content services, both online (in this case since Clearwire is an ISP) and on mobile Wi-Max devices, and in some sense replicate Amp’d Live. More when we know it.