Windows Live Folders now SkyDrive, 500 MB of storage for Mac and PC users

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Windows_live_skydriveMicrosoft’s Windows Live online storage and data sharing service takes on the new name of Windows Live SkyDrive today. You’ll get 500 MB of free storage for your files which you can access from a PC or Mac using Firefox or Internet Explorer as your browser. You select which folders you want on the SkyDrive and they can be personal, shared or public. The shared folders can used for collaborative efforts while the public folders are view only.

A few things jump out at me: for one thing 500 MB will go pretty quickly for some folks. Perhaps we’ll see higher capacities offered at nominal fees. I also noticed that the largest file size for upload is 50 MB which if you plan to store videos could be an issue. Still, a nice free service worth looking at if you have a Windows Live account.

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If you want a good free service for uploading and hosting files I couldn’t recommend this service enough: They give you 25 gigs of storage and 25 gigs of bandwidth. The file size limit is 750 megs which should suit most peoples’ needs.

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