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Wednesday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines

The Onion Joins MySpace, the witty press release declines to point out the irony in America’s leading fake news service signing up with News Corp., America’s leading fake news service. (release)

Syndicate News with VideoCafe, the new service from The NewsMarket offers wire footage available to online publishers. (release)

Vlogger Turns Lack of Job Stability into Opportunity, the online reality show details the life of a man who takes on a new job every week — he’s currently an assistant at a tattoo parlor. (One Week Job)

NBC Launches Online Ad Archive, its new site Didja offers all advertising, all the time from classic spots to the latest in “brand content.” (Variety)

Google Search Filtering Torrents, the search giant seems to be proactively complying with DMCA takedown requests by omitting search results leading to torrent sites. (TorrentFreak)

Any items we missed, or announcements you’d like to make? Please leave them in the comments.