The Daily Sprout

Big Wind: In London, International Power agreed to acquire the 648 megawatt Triergy Wind Portfolio from private investors – Renewable Energy Access.

Craptastic: Israeli scientists are using cow dung to generate electricity. The dung transforming factory converts the waste into methane gas which powers electricity-generating turbines. Cleantech doesn’t have to be “clean”—ITN.

Scrubbing Coal Clean: The Shaw Group announced a $1.1 billion “scrubber contract” with Mirant to clean up its Maryland coal-fired generating plants—Inside Greentech.

DOE Looks in the Mirror: The U.S. Department of Energy plans to decrease energy usage in their offices and labs across the nation by 30 percent—release.

Telsa’s Battery Approval: The lithium ion battery pack designed for Telsa’s electric cars just passed a series of U.N. safety tests —release.

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