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Short HTC Advantage video on the FaceBook group

I posted a 5 minute video overview of the HTC Advantage on the jkOnTheRun Readers Group.  I posted it there because it only took 5 minutes start to finish so it was either that or not do one at all.  There are a few other videos posted there so don’t miss them.  What?  You haven’t joined the group?  Why not?


7 Responses to “Short HTC Advantage video on the FaceBook group”

  1. First look videos are often fast and furious. I’m seeing the device for the first time just as the viewers are. If you frequent this site you will quickly realize that we don’t attempt to make any one video the ultimate review or the last word about the device. We continue to show and describe the device over time as our real-world usage evolves. That is the strength in what we do, at least in my view.

  2. Please dont take this as being insultive. Although I get the impresion you have little knowledge about many of the devices you review. This results in statements being repeated or you using many filled in pauses.

    I work in TV and I buy loads and loads of cool tech devices, much to my wifes dismay, I feel that your lack of product research can do an injustice to many of the devices you speak about.

    An example of this is a comment about the htc advantage screen being similar to that of the oqo. Agreed it is the same 5 inches, although the aspect ratio is not the same, oqo is wide screen, you would be better comparing to the vaio u71. You did not know that the button on the right side was a wireless manager button, this by the way as the standard wireless radio sign on it, anyone into smartphones wou;d know that.

    I realise that this is not meant to be proffesional and it is your hobby, I for one have the upmost respect for you in taking the time to do this.

    Most people who watch your video’s may not know much about the devices that you review, so based on your comments some people may make a buying decision. I feel that you would appreciate any constuctive pointers and that you care for your viewers and want them to get accurate info.

    kind regards


  3. I see what you’re saying, James, but I still would like to see the videos that you’re putting on Facebook somewhere here on the site. Have you tried or Viddler? Seems those are a couple sites that other tech bloggers have been using. I don’t know if they are easier to upload to, not having used them myself.

    I guess if you are going to post them on FB, perhaps after a couple days or whenever, you could post them here, too. I guess if it’s just too much overhead, I understand, though.

  4. I understand the point you are all making. To answer the question we don’t get any benefit from sending you to Facebook, quite the opposite in fact. Anything that takes you off the main site is not a good thing.

    But, and it’s a big but, the fact of the matter is that posting short videos like this to Facebook takes no processing nor preparation time. We can record these direct to the Facebook group and post it within seconds of finishing the recording. To do this same 5 minute video on YouTube for example would have taken anywhere up to an hour with the processing time, etc. Think of these Facebook videos as a bonus because if I couldn’t post them quickly there I likely wouldn’t do it at all.

    There will still be the standard video reviews on the main site here, don’t worry. If you don’t want to join the Facebook group that’s great. Don’t think you’re missing out on jkOTR content because those videos are just quick looks at the topic du jour.

  5. I’m with NR on this one. My teenagers do Facebook and it’s just too creepy for me to get on there too. I don’t want to miss any JKOTR content but what’s the point of herding us into a roped off location to get the goods? Is there some benefit to you guys from having us view your content inside Facebook?

  6. Northern Rebel

    I don’t use Facebook, I don’t want to join another group I have to check all the time.

    Please post your videos in your normal ways or give us options.