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Shiny Things

There was a mention on TUAW the other day of a version of the System Preferences icon made to look like the one from Leopard. Being both excited about Leopard and and very fond of changing my system icons, I took a look – and was very pleasantly surprised.

sysprefs icon

The icon is quite nice, and a very near version of the one that’s in the devLeopard. Upon checking it out, I found that it came from one Sebastiaan de With, an icon and app designer from Holland, the owner of the excellent, and a bit of a well-known individual in the field of securing OS X. The icons are lovely and very professional – especially the War on Bad Design set, and the website got immediately added to my list to show off as design examples.

flow icon Then I found out that the Flow icon is his too. On his blog, there is an interesting post on just how that came about that may well be worth reading for those of you interested in design. (And on Macs, aren’t we all?)

3 Responses to “Shiny Things”

  1. Christopher

    Actually, compared to the real leopard icon, the gears look overly glossy and… well, very flat – the outer glow effect was slightly overdone. On the real icon, the sheen is on the flat of the gears themselves, not the edges, which have almost no discernible bezel.

    The background is also too dark.

    That said, I do like the Flow icon.