Open Thread: Would You Join a Union?

As usual, the annual Yearly Kos convention of liberal bloggers spawned a few new ideas, including this one: a labor union for bloggers. The idea immediately drew a great deal of online discussion, ranging from reasoned consideration to howls of derision. With many web workers running their own blogs, for business or personal reasons, we’ve certainly got a stake in this idea.

Part of the reason for the wide spectrum of strong reactions is the variety of meanings wrapped up in the word “union.” Would this hypothetical entity exist for collective bargaining (with who?), negotiating group rates on insurance, creating a blogger code of ethics (an idea that’s been tried before, with a notable lack of success), or just to make bloggers feel good about being part of the labor movement? What services could it provide for bloggers that other groups such as the Freelancers Union or the National Writers Union don’t already offer?

So, let’s throw the discussion open to you, the possibly-oppressed web workers of the world.  Are you interested in a bloggers union? Have you already joined one of the other unions open to web workers? Have you found the benefits worthwhile? Or does the whole idea just strike you as silly?


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