Ooma devices going on sale soon

Ooma, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based start-up that launched last month and was greeted with mixed reactions from many in the VoIP community is going to start taking pre-orders for its Hub and Scout devices, according to the company, will orders shipping sometime next month. The company’s products have been available to select beta testers.

“We didn’t expect the initial response and that is why we are offering a limited number of devices for presale,” Andrew Frame, CEO of Ooma said. Ooma is going to sell the Hub for $399 and Scouts for $39 per unit. Ooma promises free domestic calls, a claim some have taken issue with.

Update: Ooma co-founder Dennis Peng explains Ooma and its technology, and how it is different.

Those of you who are unimpressed by Ooma and are looking for an instant-buy option, we recommend PhoneGnome, which has an equally capable array of offerings that start at $99. The company also offers a $20 whole house kit.

Update #2: My intention wasn’t to say that they are one and the same thing. Sure there are similarities between Ooma and PG, and they do serve the same end goal of making voice calls cheaper/free. are