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Media Temple Caters to iPhone

media temple iphone servicesJoining the ranks of iPhone-specific web applications, is the web hosting company, Media Temple (mt). Their angle is to offer iPhone-toting customers, access to control panel services for their (mt) hosted websites.

Buy Domains, pay bills, reboot your server, and a slew of other options await the (mt)/iPhone crowd. I don’t rock the (mt) hosting, nor are any of my personal sites so visible that I would need to do any of these things spur of the moment from my mobile phone, but maybe that’s just me.

I do think the concept is interesting. The scope of “applications” for the iPhone is widening as companies [like Media Temple] begin to think outside the box of the typical Web 2.0 services. It leads me to wonder how much all the iPhone-only web sites will track a return on their development efforts. It’s not like Palm or Windows mobile devices have ever garnered so much attention from developers in the past – or rather, if they have, only a select few have taken notice.

What iPhone [web] services have you been waiting for?

Thanks for the tip Yas.

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