JibJab, Now Starring You


JibJab, the LA-based online comedy studio well known for iconic viral video hits such as ‘This Land’ featuring George Bush and John Kerry, is outsourcing some of its creativity to you. Yes, you, the Time Magazine Person of the year.

They have just announced a new offering, called Starring You!, which allows you to upload your videos, and basically match them with five crazy dancing styles. The subsequent videos can be used as a widget, and would allow you to post it to your MySpace and Facebook.

“‘Starring You!’ represents a major shift in our programming strategy,” said JibJab co-founder Grevan Spiridellis. “We will continue to create our no holds barred political satires, but ‘Starring You!’ enables us to produce personalized entertainment unlike anything anyone’s ever seen before and that’s whipped us into a creative frenzy.”

Their decision to work with community is part of a larger trend, and also a realization by content-based start-ups, that creating original content is a not easy. Let us know if you think this is a good strategic move by JibJab and share your videos with us.



i have tried and tried to send the snowball fight starring my family but cant get it to send to my friends


I think it’s a kick ass idea. I made the first two headed video star on You Tube’s new player! Enjoy it, have some fun! Creative people are going to go nuts with this. Jib Jab has been building a community of jokesters and animation fans for years; this is not something they just decided to do because its trendy or they ran out of ideas. Evan and Gregg are web pioneers in the true sense. Read more about them this Wednesday on Misstropolis. http://www.misstropolis.com.

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