i-Caught Nothing; Gone Hikin’

After sitting through the Battle at Kruger, Obama Girl, newlyweds who dance and post video of it to YouTube, and people who try to solve crimes on MySpace — sample voiceover: “in a new world where an internet connection is all you need to crack the case” — get the 20/20 Lite treatment on the premiere of ABC’s i-Caught Tuesday night, I’m at a loss for words.

Maybe I don’t watch enough OldTeeVee, but the whole thing was just awkward and strange, right down to the weird Microsoft Surface-type graphics (see embed below).

But a loss for words might not be a bad thing, because I have to stop procrastinating and get packing to go abroad tomorrow morning. I’ll be in Switzerland hiking for the next week and checking in on the site a lot less often than usual. The rest of the gang will be here, doing their thing. Anyone who wants to meet in Zurich, let me know.