10-Q Watch: Yahoo's Acquisitions; Yang Salary

Yahoo (Nasdaq: YHOO) filed its 10-Q for Q2 today with SEC, and some interesting data on acquisitions, and then executive compensation:

— During first six months of 2007, it acquired three companies which were accounted for as asset acquisitions (We know of MyBlogLog…Rivals.com and Right Media are not included in this…others I am not sure of) . The total purchase price for these acquisitions was $54 million and consisted of $17 million in cash consideration, $36 million in equity consideration and $1 million of direct transaction costs. The total cash consideration of $17 million less cash acquired of $3 million resulted in net cash outlay of $14 million…In connection with these acquisitions, the company also issued stock-based awards valued at $19 million that will be recognized as expense over the next three years.

— Ousted CEO Terry Semel was eligible for an annual bonus of 1 million shares yearly from 2006 to 2008. Last year, his salary was $1, but he earned about $70 million through this compensation. This year during Q2, Since Semel resigned, $16 million of stock-based compensation expense recorded through March 31, 2007 (related to forfeitures of equity awards previously granted to Semel) was reversed.

— Jerry Yang’s annual base salary is also $1. Susan Decker, Yahoo’s president, has $0.5 million base salary. For each of 2007 through 2009, she will be eligible to receive an annual target cash bonus of $1 million.