Vista performance and reliability patch is available


Vista_logoI didn’t see this through Windows Update on Vista when I checked for updates, but you can directly download the Vista patch we heard about last week. It looks like all of the fixes we originally thought would be there; from a mobile perspective these are addressed:

  • A memory leak occurs when you use the Windows Energy screen saver.
  • When you copy or move a large file, the "estimated time remaining" takes a long time to be calculated and displayed.
  • When you synchronize an offline file to a server, the offline file is  corrupted.
  • After you resume the computer from hibernation, it takes a long time to display the logon screen.
  • After you resume  the computer from hibernation, the computer loses its default gateway address.
  • Poor memory management  performance occurs.


John in Norway

I installed this update and tried to copy a 900MB file across my network to my HTPC. When the Calculating time box got to 22400 days and 2 hours I gave up! Tried it in XP and it took 11 minutes to copy.


Won’t install on my machine. Goes thru the installer, but then finishes saying the KB was not installed.

I havent used vista on my P1610 in a couple of weeks, and today using it just reminded me what a complete pile of crap it is on my P1610. Every couple of minutes my PC freezes up like its reading the hard disc and does not allow me to do anything. Also when loading webpages they freeze the PC also for a few seconds the same way.

Still have high hopes for this update, but looks like I’ll wait until MS puts it on windows update.


Kevin, thank you!

Installing this update was like a tall drink of ice cold lemonade on a hot summer’s day for my virtual machine. I can actually measure the drop in temperature on the CPU. :-)

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