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Tuesday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines

Music Publishers Join YouTube Suit; copyright infringement suit brought in New York district court yet to be certified as class action, but music publishers join English Premiere League, indie music publisher Bourne company and eventually the guy who started it all, Robert Tur. (WSJ)

Rocket Science Signs Pact with Yahoo; Joe Millionaire producers get non-exclusive, first-look deal from web giant for new interactive reality series in a deal that sounds similar to what former Yahoo Lloyd Braun got with NBC Universal. (Reuters)

NDS Acquires CastUp, the British digital pay-tv company has online plans, spending $11.3 million to buy up Israeli online video backend service provider. (release)

Akamai in Expensive Price War, the CDN giant losing market capitalization after profit reports are down as the price of delivering bits plummets. (GigaOM)

Casey McKinnon Calls for Contract Understanding, says the terms being presented by networks to Galacticast are laughable and that indie web video producers should beware the small print. (Guardian)

Dailymotion on Your iPhone, the French online video sharing site now offering video content in Quicktime-compatible H.264 and iPhone portal to find them. (release)

Any items we missed, or announcements you’d like to make? Please leave them in the comments.

3 Responses to “Tuesday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines”

  1. Jackson, would it be possible for you to change the format of your headline posts so that the headlines are the links themselves, rather than just bolded? It catches my eye much better when I’m skimming through feeds, and the link-text will benefit your sources much better than text like “WSJ”, “GigaOM”, and “release”.

    Hope you’ll take the suggestion, keep up the good work!