Sun's Energy Efficient Chip

Sun Microsystems is announcing a new chip this morning that offers more computing performance per power consumption. Known as Niagra 2, or officially ‘UltraSparc T2,’ Sun says the chip conserves electricity by being able to do more simultaneous computing tasks per power consumed — for you chip geeks that’s eight threads (tasks) for each of its eight cores, or 64-threads.

A Sun spokesperson describes the power consumption as ‘2 watts per thread,’ and “one-tenth to one-thirtieth the power consumption of competitive offerings.” Infoworld describes the chip as offering double the performance per watt of Sun’s first generation chip, and power consumption ranging from 60 watts to 123 watts. The company is looking to sell the chip for servers as well as set-top boxes, routers and other hardware.

Sun is laying the eco-potentials of its new chip on pretty thick, and is having a press conference later on today where CEO Jonathan Schwartz will keynote the event:

The new processor has the potential to save customers millions of dollars on skyrocketing power, cooling and space costs in their datacenters. It also reduces carbon dioxide emissions and decreases the square footage of datacenters. — Sun PR