Oh, it’s like an iPhone for your house

New iMac and iPhone“Oh, it looks like an iPhone.”  That was my wife’s opinion when she took a look at the brand new iMac.  I thought the black bezel looked out of place on a Mac.  I didn’t understand the thought behind the design.  When my wife mentioned the iMac’s similarity to the iPhone, I thought she hit the nail on the head.

This new design — the aluminum and glass — is simply an extension of the iPhone.  People who never considered a “Smartphone” have been willing to make a jump to the iPhone because the iPhone just seemed so darn easy to use.  When people walk into an Apple Store and now see this large black and silver machine, they will make the connection to that super-easy to use iPhone and be more likely to try out the extra large iPhone-like computer.

Personally, I’m not too crazy about the design of the iMac.  But then again, what other options do I have for mid-range Apple desktop?  This iMac design is not for those who will buy an Apple product no matter what.  This design is meant for those who are Mac-curious.  I expect a halo effect from the iPhone to increase sales of Macs, and with this new glass and aluminum iMac, Apple will sell plenty of Macs to people who are drawn to the familiarity of this machine.


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