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Oh, it’s like an iPhone for your house

New iMac and iPhone“Oh, it looks like an iPhone.”  That was my wife’s opinion when she took a look at the brand new iMac.  I thought the black bezel looked out of place on a Mac.  I didn’t understand the thought behind the design.  When my wife mentioned the iMac’s similarity to the iPhone, I thought she hit the nail on the head.

This new design — the aluminum and glass — is simply an extension of the iPhone.  People who never considered a “Smartphone” have been willing to make a jump to the iPhone because the iPhone just seemed so darn easy to use.  When people walk into an Apple Store and now see this large black and silver machine, they will make the connection to that super-easy to use iPhone and be more likely to try out the extra large iPhone-like computer.

Personally, I’m not too crazy about the design of the iMac.  But then again, what other options do I have for mid-range Apple desktop?  This iMac design is not for those who will buy an Apple product no matter what.  This design is meant for those who are Mac-curious.  I expect a halo effect from the iPhone to increase sales of Macs, and with this new glass and aluminum iMac, Apple will sell plenty of Macs to people who are drawn to the familiarity of this machine.

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  1. Got my new iMac yesterday!!! I have never used a Mac before. I love the silver colour. I disagree about it being masculine – it reminds me of my favourite brushed steel kitchen appliances and I have lots of make-up boxes that match it completely.

    It looks wonderful in my bedroom and doesn’t dominate the room. In fact the glossy screen is so shiny I can use it as a mirror to do my hair in.

    I also love how quiet it is and that it doesn’t have a stupid ‘look at me’ light glowing all the time like other annoying computers.

    I have never loved a computer like I love this. The only things I liked as much were my white nintendo DS and my new Wii fit and Wii board. I have come a long way since wanting to throw my BBC Micro from the third floor all those years ago LOL

  2. I can understand the design rationale and its connection to iPhone, but I don’t like where it takes us aesthetically. The black + metal + gloss feels too assertive, almost vulgar here. I agree with coco that it’s too “masculine.” I liked Apple’s previous more modest, restrained and “gender-neutral” approach. The logo on the front underlines the new design’s showiness — loud and overstated.
    Love the keyboard, though, as well as the shift to aluminum and glass. And the view from the back is sexy.

  3. These new ones look wonderful! And I am so glad that I got conned into buying a new iMac a couple weeks ago by Apple when they knew this was being released this week. And the new iMac is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the old version. I had no idea I had to make a research project out of buying a new Mac, just to make sure I wasn’t getting ripped off by one of Apple’s deceptive marketing ploys to boost their stock. My new iMac is not only the ‘old version’, but hundreds of dollars over-priced compared to the new iMac of this week. And OF COURSE you can’t return anything. Great products, but I guess when you’re on top, you don’t give a crap about your customers.

  4. Maybe it is the girly designer in me, but I think the white is more aesthetically pleasing and it goes with a lot of things in my house. I am glad that I bought a new iMac about 4 months ago, because I would have hated to have the aluminum one. It looks really masculine, like a lot of other computers already out there. Unfortunately I think that apple is going to loose a lot of the female market–the ones who don’t really care about tech, but need a computer and somehow wander into the apple store and go “ooh, pretty, I want one.”

  5. I certainly think the black looks out of place on the new iMac. It reminds me of what all of the other companies are doing, the black and silver thing. Hewlett Packard has it a lot on their new computers. All silver would have looked gorgeous, just like the current cinema displays. Or even if they would have stayed with the white. It was so clean. I have waited over 7 months for them to update the iMac, now that I see it I am a bit disappointed.