Jobs Touts New iMac's Recycling


GigaOM Chief Blogger Om took a second away from liveblogging this morning’s Apple eventwhere Steve Jobs announced the new iMac — to note Jobs’ emphasis on the computer’s recycling characteristics.

“It has been thought through from a recycling perspective. High-quality aluminum and glass,” Jobs told the audience down at the Apple campus in Cupertino, Calif. The press release further notes that the new iMac also meets the new Energy Star 4.0 requirements.

It’s a nice nod to the environment, given that Apple has gotten some serious flack about its unfriendly eco ways from environmentalists — well, specifically Green Peace.

The recycling features touted today are the latest example of Jobs’ attempts to draw attention to “A Greener Apple.” Green Peace already gave Apple a high score for its recycling practices. But the group slapped Apple with an overall green electronics score of 5.3 out of 10 due to thing like the company’s use of brominated flame retardants and vinyl plastic. So if Apple is actually getting greener, we’re not so sure.

We contacted Green Peace to see if they had a comment on Apple touting its new iMac’s recycling capabilities, and we’ll update the story if we hear from them.


Philip Rebbechi

I think Green Peace may have been piggybacking on Apple’s high media profile to raise the issue of recycling. It’s hard to imagine Apple is the worst of the computer industry. For 20 years their consumer computers have been all-in-one boxes.

Imagine what that represents in saved packaging, shipping and handling, saved plastics, one power supply instead of two and how many kilometres of cable? They also had speakers etc built in instead of separate boxes for everything as with PCs. They are probably miles in front by now with conservation, recycling notwithstanding

Mike Corrales

It’s interesting to me that most of what they tout is how it’s easier to recycle (because of a thinner form factor and glass instead of plastic screen) and that it meets Energy Star 4.0 standards. It’s incredibly nice looking and a step in the right direction but definitely not a revolutionary new product.

Out of my own disappointment, I actually came up with my own version of what I wish apple would have released with this generation. It’s along the lines of the new Zonbu, the zero-emissions computer.

I came up with the fictional iMac Zi (Zero Impact), hopefully something closer to what the 5th generation iMac will look like. Feel free to contribute to the wish list of features, just keep power consumption in mind.

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