Apple iMovie Gets an Overhaul


Om just got back into the office after a mid-season product push by Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs in Cupertino this morning. He’s raving about the new iMovie, saying he’ll be heading to the store tonight to buy the new iLife ’08 package (he tried earlier today but it hadn’t come in yet).

As Om liveblogged, Jobs said:

“One of our most brilliant video engineers went on vacation to Cayman Islands. He shot with HD, and he wanted to make a short clip — five minutes — and not spend more than 30 minutes. He couldn’t do it with any other tools. He made a new software to do it and we were blown away. We have made it the iMovie ’08. It is a whole new app, not an upgrade, brand new.

iMovie has an interface which is like iPhoto now. Skim to preview. You can select video like you select text. You can add polish very quickly. You can share your movie anywhere — iTunes version, dot Mac Web Gallery, and have it encoded it in multiple resolutions. You can upload it to YouTube directly. All built in. He is demoing the software. No more sending DVDs to Grand Ma.”

Om says he thinks Apple might be giving its friend Google (GOOG) a little too much love with that bit about in-iMovie YouTube uploads. As when Apple put YouTube on the AppleTV and the iPhone, the company is aiding and abetting the dominance of the video-sharing site, furthering its position as the standard for all things online video.

But I reminded him Apple’s the only one doing this — see our recent post about YouTube-enabled Exilim cameras from Casio. In many people’s minds online video means only YouTube, and moves like this are only going to augment that. What do you think?


Om Malik

In my humble opinion, iMovie 08 is going to make it very easy to turn home videos into cool video clips, classy and pro-looking.


One thing you have to remember is that while YouTube currently is serving crappy quality flash vids, they have been transcoding their catalog to Mpeg4 or H264. Apple very little to no interest in Flash video content as the iphone, appletv and iTunes all deal with Mpeg4 video and will most certainly stick with that quicktime compatible format. There’s more going on behind the scenes.

David Mullings

I wish Apple wouldn’t promote Youtube so much – ultimately because Youtube has set a bad example for honoring copyrights and Steve Jobs, being such a big shareholder in Disney now, should know a thing or too about the importance of copyrights.

You have to give them credit for wanting to connect with the market leader from early on, especially with Google as the owner. Makes you wonder if Steve isn’t sticking it to Microsoft on purpose by pushing Youtube.

p.s. Can’t wait to get iLife ’08 and try out the new iMovie.


I absolutely agree that this “is aiding and abetting the dominance of the video-sharing site, furthering its position as the standard for all things online video.” It’s especially unfortunate because this perceived “standard” is so low in quality. And you’re right Liz, they’re not the only ones doing it. YouTube has become for online video what AOL was for browsers years ago.

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