Apple announces new keyboard…and officially makes the wireless version lame

Today Apple announced a brand new shiny keyboard. It’s sculpted out of beautiful aluminum is freakishly thing.

But with all the hype they managed to leave out some major differences in the wired vs. wireless versions.

Apple Wired/Wireless Keyboard

The top keyboard in that image is the wired and the bottom is the wireless/bluetooth version.

Yes, those are to scale.

No, the new wireless version does not have a keypad…or any of the new “shortcut” keys.

The new wireless version is effectively just a cut out of a laptop keyboard.

While I think Apple has created a magnificent new product here, I think they’ve made a horrible move by only offering these options. It’d be one thing to offer a wired or wireless version of each (as I can see the smaller version coming in handy for travelers), but it’s a different thing to only offer a wired version to get a full keyboard.

I’m crossing my fingers here that in the coming months they’ll offer a new wireless version of the full keyboard. Until then I’ll just have to keep using my now horribly outdated and inferior “old” white keyboard…that I purchased 2 months ago.


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