Video review- Motion LE1700 Tablet PC


Perry Reed of The Tablet PC Show has been conducting an evaluation of the Motion LE1700 Tablet PC.  The LE1700 is probably the nicest and most capable slate Tablet out there and Perry walks us around the slate for a quick video tour.  Take a look at the video and I’ll bet you’ll want one too.



James Kendrick

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What’s the point?


Thanks for the link! And I stand corrected on the port, it is indeed an accessory port, although the little icon next to it sure looked like a Firewire port…


As an LE1600 user (at work), the port on the bottom is not firewire, it’s USB/Power for the external optical drive. Also, I would be shocked if it’s really not possible to rotate the screen to any orientation – it’s possible on the LE1600 and standard in most modern Intel, ATI, and NVidia video drivers.

I am actually really disappointed in a way that Motion chose to make the LE1700 have the same form factor as the 1600 without other major improvements, because I think it is heavy, has horrible battery life, and the accessories, particularly the “convertible” keyboard, are really clumsy. The keyboard is a pain to connect every time you go to a meeting, adds a lot of size to the unit, and adjusts with a very loud and disturbing *crack*, which is normal according to Motion’s instructional video. The way it is designed will surely lead to degradation of the hinge over time. The nub pointer likes to go out of alignment periodically, causing your mouse to perpetually drift until you detach the keyboard again

A coworker has the field kit with the bluetooth keyboard, which has a very poorly designed, and sometimes useless trackball. Otherwise it is at least a nicely designed and durable case, if rather large compared to a real convertible or laptop.

The slate itself is solid and well stocked with hardware, but requires a large plate battery on the back for even decent battery life. I get less than two hours on the standard battery while using wireless.

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