EcoWeb Tool: Web Shopping for the Eco-Friendly Car

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If you’re in the market for an eco-friendly vehicle, sometimes the search can be daunting. Even though online searches for fuel-efficient vehicles tend to drop as gas prices begin to fall, according to the latest Consumer Search Index [via], we know plenty of our readers will be shopping for a car that gets good MPG.

picture-9.pngThat’s why, when we got an e-mail pitch from last week, we wanted to check out its site where users can research and find earth friendly vehicles. The site is run by, a Burlington, Vermont-based company that makes thousands of automotive marketing websites for dealerships across the U.S.

Even if is going “green” to make some green, the site can be useful for those in the market for a fuel efficient vehicle. It includes listings for vehicles ranging from electric to hybrids. Its best feature? Helping shoppers search through current vehicle inventories at local dealers to find the car they want. To be on the site, a car must get at least 35 MPG highway (32 combined) or include an advanced alternative energy technology. is just one of the many sites out there that aid in shopping for a “clean” car.

There’s also Created by the non-profit American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, the site provides free tips on “green driving” and the option to purchase a subscription ($8.95 for 30 days) to its “Green Book” online database of fuel-efficient cars. We haven’t splurged on a subscription, but according to the site they analyze automakers’ test results for fuel economy and emissions as reported to the EPA and the California Air Resources Board, along with other specifications reported by automakers.

Yahoo also has a Green Car Center. It’s automobile site has a separate section with information on green cars, and the site includes a rating system that determines how environmentally-friendly a vehicle is, as well as updated articles with information on green driving (such as How Hybrids Work, Ethanol Myths, and Lightweight Sportscars: High Performance and High MPG.

Then there’s the EPA’s own Clean Vehicle Guide. It’s a simple breakdown of eco-friendly cars that you can really trust. The EPA’s site includes a basic breakdown of all “clean” vehicles on the market today, including fuel economy stats and a “Greenhouse Gas Score.”

If you’re looking for a hybrid specifically, check out The site has a buying guide that compares the price and mpg ratings of fuel-efficient cars. Here’s a list of 10 tips from HybridCars’s “decision process” section that you might want to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a fuel-efficient car. Happy eco-car shopping!

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