Federal Judge Throws Out MP3 Patent Ruling Against Microsoft; Overturns $1.5 Billion Ruling

The complex case where Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) was ordered earlier this year to pay $1.5 billion in an Alcatel-Lucent (EPA:ALU) MP3 patent dispute, has been overturned, and U.S. District Judge Rudi Brewster in San Diego ruled that the damage award was not valid because it appears Microsoft never infringed one of the two patents — as Lucent-Alcatel claims, reports WSJ. Now, Judge Brewster must now hold a new trial to calculate the damages. Alcatel-Lucent plans to appeal.

Earlier this year in the ruling, Microsoft was found infringing on two Alcatel-Lucent patents involving MP3 audio code technology…it was accused of violating Alcatel-Lucent