12 Mac Apps to Waste Your Time

So lets face it. Sometimes we all just need to kill a little time. It’s relaxing.

Whether you’re on your lunch break at work (or not) or if you are just bored one night and can’t sleep…this list should help you cure your boredom.

I’ve compiled 12 apps that do a fantastic job of killing time in just about every way you’d want to. This list includes everything from games to design modifications to monotonous tasks to widgets and more. So get reading and have fun!

CandyBar Icon


URL: http://www.panic.com/candybar/
Amuse yourself for hours on end searching down cool icons to replace your boring default system icons.

CandyBar is the app that lets you easily switch out icons with practically no hassle. This method of time-killing will set you back $12.95.


Garage Band

URL: http://www.apple.com/ilife/garageband/
Apple’s very own GarageBand comes on most new Macs…so there’s a pretty good chance you have it already.

Whether you’re musical or not, it’s a lot of fun to put together loops and then share them folks.)


Photo Booth

URL: http://www.apple.com/imac/isight.html
PhotoBooth Fun On man…the fun that can be had with this little gem.

In the past two years or so since Apple began including built-in iSights with their iMac and Macbook(Pro) lines, they quietly began including a little application called Photo Booth that lets you take pictures from your built-in camera or iSight.

The key to good times here are the different effects tabs that let you take absurdly stupid pictures of yourself (like the one of me above). :)



URL: http://frenzic.com
Frenzic is a high-paced puzzle game that “takes minutes to learn and months to master,” according to The Iconfactory, the makers of the game.

The best way to describe it might be Tetris on steroids that just drank a bottle of Incredible Hulk juice.

What’s really great about this game is that it ties in to their high score system so you can see how you rank compared to all Frenzic players.

Price for this starts at $14.95. There is a free trial that is definitely worth your time…especially if you’re trying to kill it.



URL: http://www.crayonroom.com/moody.php
Covered before, Moody is a way to tag your tunes based on mood.

How does this help you waste your time? Well, you have to tag a large number of your tunes before it really creates a good mix of music. But trust me, it’s worth it…especially when it is completely free!



URL: http://www.last.fm
Sure it’s cool to see lots of stats like who you listened to the most in the past week, but what I really love about Last.fm is how you can find lots of really cool new tunes.

Last.fm creates personalized radio stations based on your listening habits and I’ve found it to be a great way to find new artists I haven’t heard of.

Finding new music is one of my favorite ways to kill time.



URL: http://iconfactory.com/software/twitterrific
I’m not really a Twitter fan, but it is certainly a fantastic way to waste time. In fact, with Twitter you would actually be twittering about how your twittering to waste time.

Twitterific allows you to conveniently twitter from the comfort of your operating system.


Sudoku Fun Widget

URL: http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/games/sudokufunwidget.html
From the widget page, Sudoku Fun Widget is a “widget that lets you play this addictive, Japanese number-place logic puzzle on the Dashboard.”

There are plenty of people who can’t function without their daily dose of Sudoku, so if that’s your bag…you should check out this handy little widget.

Second Life

Second Life

URL: http://secondlife.com
Second Life is the popular virtual reality world. Create your own character and walk around doing…pretty much anything you can imagine.



URL: http://www.revaro.net/index.html?Reactive/index.html
What else could you possibly want to do with your time than be a 2-legged chameleon armed with 9 weapons and having a bad day?

Reactive is a 20+ level game that includes features such as network play, multi-player gaming, and fluid simulation.

It’s free to download and play but you’ll need to fork over $12 if you want access to all 20+ levels.



URL: http://thefunbooth.com
FunBooth is the close cousin of Photo Booth. Instead of altering the actual photos, FunBooth lets you attach all sorts of props from wigs to glasses to mustaches and more.

After disguising yourself in FunBooth, send your photos to friends and family to show them that you don’t do anything productive!



URL: http://www.tastyapps.com
Flappie is basically a virtual pet for your Dashboard. Flappie needs food, play, and sleep. If you give him everything he needs, he’ll continue to grow and become something magnificent. If you don’t…he dies.

One thing that makes Flappie unique over your average virtual pet game is that it is affected by your local weather. So hopefully you life in a Flappie-friendly environment.