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Morgan Webb Does Her Own Web Show

Morgan Webb, TechTV/G4 star and FHM gaming columnist, today launches a daily video show called WebbAlert where she rattles off the big tech and gaming news of the day, pointing to relevant takes from the blogosphere.

Webb has the on-screen and off-screen chops to make a show, so she’s bootstrapping it with her husband Rob Reid, a writer and entrepreneur who formerly ran — shooting and editing the show with a teleprompter her dad built and she coded. They have signed Federated Media to sell ads (which it also does for this and other GigaOM sites) and are using Castfire to host video. Meanwhile, Webb will continue to host gaming show X-Play for G4.

WebbAlert is short and snappy, with Webb introducing her viewers to the Techmeme-style conversation we tech bloggers all obsess over — finding the concentrations of the day’s conversations. And it doesn’t look particularly DIY either, with plenty of newscast-style animation. Webb helpfully makes her show text-friendly by providing links to all the stories she mentions, though I am disappointed it does not have comments.

8 Responses to “Morgan Webb Does Her Own Web Show”

  1. If she does put up comments, she should get someone like NickDShultz to help moderate it because just like what Amit said, everytime she gave the public the ability to comment about something indirectly/chat directly with her, she always wound up regretting it in the end.
    If she doesn’t have someone moderating comments, I’d suggest that she not even bother taking that chance again.

  2. Not sure why she’d want comments, because she’s burned through four or five sites now, all with comments, and been chased off every last one of them into hiding by an army of ‘Morgan is hotttttt’ fanboys.