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Hazel 2 Now Available

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Hazel 2Noodlesoft’s Paul Kim has released Hazel version 2.0 today. While this version has been in semi-private beta (you had to register in the forums) it is now feature complete and officially released for public consumption. Hazel 2.0 will cost new users $21.95 for a license, but the best news is that 1.0 license holders get the upgrade for FREE. It’s a very generous move for any developer to offer free upgrades on major update releases – and Hazel is immensely powerful too!

So what’s all the talk of Hazel 2? Well a couple of the features I really like:

Preview – You now have the ability to preview the files that your rules will affect. This is huge so you can avoid moving/deleteing/whatever, files that you didn’t intend to handle in the first place.

App Sweep – OS X handles application installation pretty simply – You just Drag and Drop the app icon onto your hard drive and it’s installed. But there are some programs that go beyond that and install on different parts of your system. In fact, even the drag/drop apps can create support files elseware on your hard drive upon first use. So now Hazel has a clean way of deleting un-used apps. Similar to AppZapper, once you send a program to the Trash Can, Hazel will round up all the related files and make a clean removal, in an attempt to rid your system of unnecessary artifacts.

There’s plenty more too. From the Press Release:

Hazel 2 brings a multitude of new features to allow users to easily create more powerful workflows to organize their files. Users can now create rules to rename files or sort them into subfolders based on any file attribute. With Hazel’s improved Spotlight integration, rules can filter on any metadata in the system. Hazel’s new App Sweep feature allows Hazel to watch for thrown away applications and give the user the option to throw away its support files. Hazel 2 also provides Growl support so users can receive notifications on their Desktop. Other improvements include a new menu bar item and a preview feature.

If you’re one of those who are still scratching your head and wondering what Hazel actually does, a quick explanation for you.

If you’ve ever attempted to use OS X’s built-in Folder Actions, they can be powerful, but if you’re unfamiliar with Apple Scripting, the confusion may outweigh the usefulness. Hazel is more or less a tool that everyone can use to apply Folder Actions (on Steroids) to anything on your system. You can set Hazel to apply Spotlight Comments, Color Labels, Move, Delete, Copy, etc, etc, etc. The potential that Hazel has is seemingly endless. And you can export your rules to share with others (or use others’ ingenius rules yourself).

We’ve written about Hazel here, and here, and about half-way down the article, here. I highly suggest you give it a try with the 30 14 (Sorry, my mistake on the length of the free trial) day free trial if you haven’t already.

5 Responses to “Hazel 2 Now Available”

  1. I’ve tried Hazel a few times in the past but never really taken to it, until recently.
    I really like it now & have set up rules here, there & everywhere.

    I particularly like the fact that I’ve attached a rule to my wife’s work folder that automatically tags files when she add them there. Saves me a lot of work tracking them down to tag & organise them :)