Google Maps gets stuck in rush hour, adds traffic times

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It finally happened! One of those Google commuter buses for employees must have complained about the traffic to the Google Maps team! Ah, it probably didn’t go down like that, but the result is the same: Google Maps now offers two travel times for every set of directions to account for traffic, depending on your location. The standard travel time will still show but in limited metropolitan areas a time based on traffic will also appear. This time will vary based on the level of traffic, accidents and Segway sightings (which always seem to stop people in their tracks). If you drag and drop to change your route, both times will adjust accordingly so you can plan your alternate route to save a few minutes. Any bets on the "Avoid Highways" option gaining a sibling check-box labeled "Avoid Traffic"?

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Ross Wirth

I’ve been using and loving this in Chicago for several months. As anyone who’s taken the Kennedy (90/94) from the city to ORD or the ‘burbs, knows it’s a mess, this is awesome. Instant Gratification Generation!

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