Don’t forget to vote! Ink or no?


Don’t forget to vote! Do you want to see ink posts or not?



I like it as long as its legible. BTW, how do you do it?

Joshua Hall

It’s not about the ink. It is about the hard to read ink. I know the reason that you ink is it is a time saver, but If it is unreadable maybe not so good.


Ink is OK on a very occasional basis, like when dealing with Ink related topics.

As someone who almost always reads blogs on a Nokia E61 using Opera Mobile through trifocals, text is by far easiest.


I think it’s cool…..but could you write a little neater? Sometimes it’s a little hard to read.

James Kendrick

Al, don’t worry I won’t get insulted if the vote is no. It sounds like you want me to wear a helmet cam all the time. That’s even too geeky for me. :)


Wait a minute….are you going to take this personally and feel bad if we vote against your handwriting ?! We certainly don’t want to bum out the boss…or put a crimp in the free flow of JKOTR posts.


Could you also append an MP3 file to each of your handwritten missives, so we also listen to what you are saying. And hey…where’s that real-time fisheye cam for your visits to the cafe’s, so we can all be there with you !?

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