Wednesday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines

Techies Complain to FTC over League Warnings, calling the boilerplate copyright warnings at the end of sports programming misleading. (Wall Street Journal)

Nalts to Teach Online Marketing; $5,000 gets you a private, half-day tutorial in the finer points of marketing online from a veteran corporate marketer and online video impresario. (Will Video for Food)

Interviewing Hollywood Talks to Coppola, the new online video site talks to the Oscar-winning director about his new movie and inter-generational dialog. (Interviewing Hollywood, via)

Quincy Jones Launches Vlog, the music legend to share his wisdom and feature fellow showbiz legend friends. (Podcasting News, site)

EU Invests $250M in Theseus, a new search engine focused on rich media, include image-based search for video being developed in Germany. (SDA Asia, via)

Qmecom Launches Customizable Video Ads in U.S.; Australian company says it can personalize ads on the fly, though it doesn’t sound terribly complex. (Red Herring)