Toshiba 200 GB USB drive includes fire and forget backup software

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I always carry a portable USB hard drive with me when I’m on the run; I simply took an old hard drive out of a laptop and installed it in a cheap enclosure. It’s only a 40 GB drive, so Toshiba’s 200 GB drive looks mighty tempting. Aside from five times the storage of what I currently have, it also includes NTI Shadow 3.5 software for a simple "set up and don’t worry" backup solution. You just identify which files or folders need backing up as well as the frequency of backup and you’re good to go. You can even specify how many versions of each file you want for extra protection. At around $180 online, it’s not a bad deal for a small form-factor 4200 RPM drive.

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Mark H

I find this hard drive handy:
It can be used with a laptop and a PDA because it has a card reader. It allows you to copy particular files (most copy the whole card). It contains a standard laptop hard drive, highest capacity is 160MB. You can also connect it up to a TV to play xvid videos. Battery doesn’t last that long though can be recharged through a USB port.

A similar device, though not yet released:
Additionally has bluetooth and wifi, though I think it only has a 40MB drive.

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