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District Heating: Olivier Barbaroux poses that “district energy”–systems of heating and cooling networks–is a realistic solution to many of today’s environmental concerns—

IBM’s Server Savings: Big Blue will transfer its current computing load, now on 3,900 servers, onto about 30 System z mainframes running Linux. The switch will reduce IBM’s data center power consumption by 80 percent—CNET

OLED Display: Philips and LG are working on making energy-efficient, flexible displays that use organic light emitting diodes made up of primarily oil and water – Mobile Magazine.

Political Energy:House Democrats are squabbling over this week’s energy bill, which could include an amendment that would require utilities to increase the amount of renewable energy in their electricity mix—Washington Post.

365 Main Explains: It turns out the outage at the San Francisco data center last week was caused by Hitec generators that failed to start—company statement.

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