Telexy offers SymbSMB 2.00 for wireless data sharing on S60 devices


Nokia_logoHere’s something for the Symbian S60 readers today: a company called Telexy Networks announced a new software app for S60 devices that enables data and media sharing over Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G. SymbSMB 2.00 is the software that allows you to securely share data between your handset and a PC or other handset and costs around 25 Euros. Local sharing is generally easy without this software, but I noticed a feature that could be very useful: you can use SymbSMB over WiFi or 3G to connect back to your home or work PC for file sharing, uploading and downloading. Nice feature when you’re on the road and left a file at home. I had hoped to try to the application prior to writing this up, but I’m unable to reach the company’s website at the moment; perhaps there’s huge demand for SymbSMB that’s causing a server outage?

(via MobileTechNews)

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