Tablet from Apple next week? Some good reasons why.

ApplelogoJeremy Toeman has his finger on the pulse of the computing and electronics industry more than most folks I know. Today he wrote up a post along with justification that indicates Apple will be announcing an ultraportable Mac Tablet next week. He’s got some insightful thoughts as to why this type of product is the next logical step after the multi-touch iPhone. Yes, we’ve heard about a Mac Tablet before, but Jeremy’s argument is compelling.

If we do hear about a new touch-enabled Mac Tablet next week, I can’t see how it would be available prior to year end however. Enabling touch on a computing device is one thing, but making it usable and simple across the many tasks of a full computer is quite another feat. I’d like for Jeremy to be correct because I think that would spur innovation and competition on the Microsoft side of the Tablet PC market. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoy using Tablets and UMPCs, I realize that it’s still a very niche market and I suspect that Apple won’t focus on it at this time. Could they help turn the small Tablet market into a much larger one?


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