Synchronica Exchange solution for iPhone: an update

Synchronica_2Just a quick update that the beta trial of Synchronica’s Exchange solution for the iPhone should be starting this week. Since I use a hosted Exchange provider for my e-mail, I immediately signed up for the beta when I first heard about it. I’ll be looking to see if the Mobile Gateway solution eventually offers OTA synchronization of items beside e-mail; things like contacts, tasks, and appointments. As it is now, I can send and receive mail thanks to IMAP support by my provider, however, I can’t access any other items over the air. Additionally, I can’t see my extensive folder structure on the Exchange server, so I’ll be looking into that also. The general product also supports Lotus Notes and Sun JES, although I don’t know if we’ll see that for the iPhone client.

Keep reading for the full e-mail update.

[Update: Matt Miller says that last night’s iPhone software update enabled the viewing of additional folders on the Exchange server through IMAP. I’m off to upgrade now…..]

Dear iPhone User,

Wewould like to thank you for requesting a trial of Synchronica’s Mobile Gateway3.0, enabling you to send and receive Microsoft Exchange email using your newiPhone. We hope that you are enjoying your iPhone and are looking forward tohelping you get the most out of your new device!

Wehave been overwhelmed by the response so far, with over 3,000 individualrequests. Apologies if we have not yet responded to each individual request –we are working through these and will get back to you as soon as we can. It isclear that users have given their thumbs up for seamless integration of theiPhone with Microsoft Exchange.

Ourfree trial for the iPhone Mobile Gateway will go live this week. It is simpleto use and doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise to set up. Thanks toMobile Gateway’s unique zero-footprint architecture, there’s no need to installany plug-ins, desktop redirectors or add connectors behind the firewall. Simplyregister for the service online, and start receiving and sending MicrosoftExchange emails using the built-in Email application on your iPhone in a matterof minutes!

Wewill contact you shortly by email to alert you to when the trial will begin,and we will also provide detailed steps on how to set up your account. MobileGateway will be available in a 60-day trial and will be completely free withoutfurther obligation. After that period we are planning to enable you to migrateto a commercially supported service. If you are working for a applicationservice provider or network operator looking to offer this solution to yourcustomers, please contact us immediately to begin evaluating Synchronica’sMobile Gateway as soon as possible.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Synchronica’saward-winning Mobile Gateway is an independent platform, based entirelyon openindustry standards including IMAP/SMTP and LEMONADE aswell as OMA DS. It provides push email and synchronization with a wide varietyof mobile phones available on the market without the need to install anadditional client on the device, and with backend support for POP3 and IMAP toconnect to popular mail services such as Google and AOL, a perfect consumeremail solution. It has built-in support for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes andSun JES, making it ideal for business users too.

Ifyou have any questions on the Mobile Gateway, please do not hesitate to contactus.


TheSynchronica Team


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