SpinVox launches Speech-to-Text for Skype voicemail

Spinvox_logoReason number 42 to use Skype even more: your Skype voicemails can now be converted to text and sent to you via SMS thanks to a deal with SpinVox. The just announced service (PDF) will initially launch in English, Spanish, French and German; there’s no information yet on if the service will provided free or if it will require additional payment to Skype.

Since the service will use SMS, nearly every mobile device will be capable of receiving the textual translations, which will include the Skype ID of the caller when available. If you’d rather just be on-line with Skype using a cell phone, I recommend checking out iSkoot, which we ran through just last month. This service turns your Nokia, Palm or BlackBerry into a Skype client.

(via GigaOm)


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