More pics of the VIA NanoBook and unique USB module


Nanobmodule31These two pics wandered their way into my Inbox late last night and although we’ve seen the VIA NanoBook before, this shot to the right highlights the innovative USB module next to the screen. This particular module is a wireless VoIP phone that connects to the ultra-portable by a USB port in the bottom of the module. While I like the idea of a modular approach based on USB, options could be less than "universal" since they have to fit within the confines of the module space. Still, quite innovative and I’d expect to see peripherals like the VoIP phone, a webcam and more. Might be nice to shoehorn external storage with a USB port; how about a nice SSD drive, perhaps?

UltraMobileLife highlighted this small notebook in a YouTube video last month, so if you missed it, now’s your chance. You’ll see not only the VIA NanoBook reference design but get a peek at PackardBell’s planned implementation of it as well. The PackardBell model will include a webcam and microphone in the USB module. Touchscreen is an option, so if you don’t want a mini-Tablet in the truest sense, you can just go with a light notebook instead.

The Packard Bell version will be a Europe-only model and unfortunately, there’s no official U.S. launch date or vendor for the NanoBook just yet according to my contacts at VIA. Hopefully, one of the major names will pick up on this innovative little portable. We’ve got another shot of the full reference design after the jump.


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